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Supported Industries

Agriculture And Yardcare

Peke Logistics offers a range of respirators and bump caps for farm safety and yard work safety, for use while performing yard maintenance or handling livestock.

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Woodworkers And Hobbyists

Peke Logistics offers a variety of eye, lung, and face protection products designed to help you enjoy woodworking, wood turning, sculpting, or other artistic endeavor.

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Mass Decontamination

Peke Logistics has been on the fore front of providing custom articulated shelter solutions and biological protective suits and respirators for a number of years.

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About Peke Logistics

At Peke Logistics our team of expert sales staff and support operation specialists have an extensive background working with large organizations and government agencies. We specialize in sourcing and delivering PPE, Mass Decontamination Equipment, and Infection Control and Patient Isolation Shelters that are of a highly technical nature to those who need them on hand quickly, efficiently, and as cost-effectively as possible.

Our partner organizations include a wealth of US based and international manufacturing concerns, all of whom offer what we feel are the leading examples of impact protection, mass decontamination, infection control, and respiratory filtration equipment on the market today. Our own products, including our very own DTAPs chemical protective suit, are the choice of leading hospitals like Johns Hopkins and two major branches of the US military. Thanks in part to our small size, we are able to provide many products at rates that are far more competitive than those of our major competitors.

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